ExxonMobil Joins Global Initiative to Standardize Digital Supply of Spare Parts
ExxonMobil Joins Global Initiative to Standardize Digital Supply of Spare Parts

Fieldnode today announced that ExxonMobil, a global energy leader, has joined The Industry Collaboration Project – a collaboration with Fieldnode and now eight other energy operators that aims to establish a robust industry standard for a digital inventory ecosystem, specifically focusing on on-demand spare parts production through additive manufacturing technology.

The consortium's Industry Collaboration Project, now strengthened by ExxonMobil's participation, signifies a collective commitment to revolutionize the energy sector's supply chain. The project's primary goal is to create a digital foundation that will pave the way for a network dedicated to the efficient supply of spare parts manufactured on demand, thereby reducing lead times, physical inventories, total cost of ownership, materials waste, and shipping distances.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

Collaborative Project Leadership: ExxonMobil joins forces with Fieldnode in a collaborative project that involves seven other prominent energy companies. Together, the companies are working to set a new industry standard for on-demand spare parts production, leveraging digital technologies and additive manufacturing.

Environmental Impact and Efficiency: The collaborative effort seeks to drastically improve the overall environmental impact, efficiency, and security of the supply chain by embracing digital technologies and additive manufacturing.

Focus Areas: The partners will address crucial areas, including standardization of qualification processes, development of a commercial model supporting mass customization, and enhanced total cost of ownership for customers compared to traditional volume-based incentives.

Inclusive Collaboration: Throughout the project, the partners will progressively invite current suppliers, independent additive manufacturers, and other collaborators to join the platform, ensuring widespread industry adoption and benefits.

Fieldnode Platform: The foundational technical solution is the Fieldnode platform, developed in a Joint Industry Project with Equinor and TotalEnergies. This platform facilitates efficient and resilient operation of supply networks, promoting shared resources among oil and gas operators.

Future Development: ExxonMobil's entry into the collaboration further fortifies the project's mission to develop industry standards, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly supply of spare parts.


“The Fieldnode Industry Collaboration Project shows real potential to bring optionality to our supply chain and enhance access to spare parts, which will enable reductions in physical inventory, decrease lead times for spare parts, and help eliminate part obsolescence." stated April Feick, ExxonMobil Supply Chain, Vice President of Materials Management

"ExxonMobil's inclusion as our ninth partner represents a significant milestone in the evolution of our ground-breaking collaboration between Fieldnode and the global energy industry's leaders. In the company of some of the world's largest energy corporations, ExxonMobil's participation enhances the collective strength of our project, further solidifying our commitment to redefine industry standards and drive innovation. Together, with these esteemed partners, we are forging a path towards sustainable and efficient solutions that will shape the future of the energy sector," stated Martin Andersson, Project Manager at Fieldnode.

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Martin Andersson, Project Manager at Fieldnode: martin.andersson@fieldnode.com

About Fieldnode:

Fieldnode is a forward-looking software provider dedicated to transforming industrial processes through digital solutions. The company specializes in reshaping supply chain dynamics to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and resilience across various industries.

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Publish date: January 10, 2024 at 8:00 AM