Revolutionizing your Supply Chain Management with Digital Inventory Systems

A Platform which enables Operators and their Global Suppliers to collaborate through a trusted network, in order to minimize lead items, reduce supply chain complexity in support of local and regional manufacturing.

Everything you need to run your Digital inventory.

Fieldnode provides a Digital Inventory platform technology, enabling a network of end-customers and suppliers to communicate.

Upload and manage your intellectual property. Share and collaborate on the designs. Efficiently manage designs and ensure consistency in the supply chain.

Upload and manage your intellectual property. Share and collaborate on the designs. Efficiently manage designs and ensure consistency in the supply chain.

Digital inventory

Upgrade your Supply Chain

Digital Inventory ecosystem allows for local production of spare parts, reducing inventory buildup and improving operational efficiency.

Just in time parts.
Enables real-time ordering of parts from IP holders and manufacturers, guaranteeing quick delivery to avoid overstocking and reduce storage costs.
QA of all parts.
Enables OEMs to pre-select quality standards for parts. This ensures that the quality of produced parts meets pre-set standards, allowing OEMs to manage inventory quality and reduce waste.
Local Part Repository
Allows users to securely store and manage their intellectual property, collaborate on designs with others in their organization, and ensure consistency in their supply chain.

Trusted by the Energy Sector

Our solutions have been trusted by leading energy sector companies to manage their complex supply chains, reduce spare part inventories, and increase uptime. We work with our customers to engineer custom-made parts and provide a digital inventory ecosystem that brings all stakeholders onto the same platform, ensuring efficient local production of needed spare parts in real-time.

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Improve your supply chain

End User
  • Supply chain efficiency, resilience, and flexibility
  • Reduce Environmental footprint
  • Total cost of ownership reduction
  • Simplified administration of procurement and storage process
  • Design modifications and improvements
IP Owners
  • Exploit a new recurring business model opportunity
  • Improved service level for End User
  • Improved global reach through manufacturing networks
  • Protect and manage IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in the digital era
  • Standardisation of digital supply process
  • Meeting tomorrow sustainable way of working
Manufacturer & Service Providers
  • Access to standardised improved sector driven deal flow
  • Controllable warranty risks
  • Support with accreditation

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