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Fieldnode provides digital inventory solutions to a range of industries, including Energy, Defence, and Railway. Our platform connects businesses in the supply chain, enabling them to collaborate and reduce costs while improving efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.


Fieldnode's digital inventory solutions are used in the Energy sector, providing a leading-edge platform for connecting to the supply network. Our platform ensures the availability of digital content for spare part manufacturing, and allows for more efficient spare parts supply. By utilizing our platform, energy companies can lower their carbon footprint and mitigate risks in supply chain constraints. The platform also provides the tools to collaborate with manufacturing entities, resulting in significant cost reductions and enhanced operational efficiencies.

In the energy sector, spare parts availability is crucial to maintaining continuous operations. We offer a digital platform that brings together a network of businesses in the supply chain to collaborate, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the spare parts supply. Our platform is designed to minimize waste, reduce transport distances, and offer a more sustainable approach to manufacturing. By leveraging our digital inventory solutions, companies can achieve greater flexibility and resilience in their operations, while reducing costs and minimizing their environmental impact.


The railway industry is at the forefront of embracing additive manufacturing technologies, with a rapid growth in the number of components produced using 3D printing. Our platform offers a network for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and additive manufacturing companies to supply their products to early adopters of 3D printed parts in the rail supply chain. With this technology, railway operators can benefit from reduced lead times, improved efficiency, and lower costs, especially for spare parts which can be printed within hours instead of being shipped by sea or air freight.

Our platform also offers a valuable opportunity for OEMs and additive manufacturing companies to showcase their products to railway operators looking to implement 3D printing in their supply chains. Our platform connects businesses at various stages of the additive manufacturing process and provides an ecosystem for collaboration and innovation in the rail industry. With the potential to revolutionize the way spare parts are produced and distributed in the rail industry.


Fieldnode is proud to partner with Fieldmade to offer a comprehensive solution to the Defense industry's supply chain challenges. Our digital inventory software, combined with Fieldmade's innovative NOMAD microfactories, enables remote and mobile spare parts production and repair on demand, on-site, or in near-real-time. This cutting-edge solution ensures that Defense companies have the spare parts they need, precisely when they need them, all while reducing costs and minimizing supply chain risk.

Our full-stack solution includes everything from inventory management to design and engineering to production and delivery, providing a seamless experience for our customers. We understand that the Defense industry has unique needs and requirements, and we've designed our platform to be flexible and adaptable to meet those needs. With Fieldnode and Fieldmade, Defense companies can have the peace of mind of knowing that their supply chain is secure and efficient, allowing them to focus on their core missions.

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