About us


Connecting the dots

Fieldnode AS is a software company that specializes in building technology to facilitate the digital transformation of supply chains. Founded in 2020 by Christian Duun Norberg, as a spin-off from Fieldmade AS, our mission is to transform the costly and unsustainable process of holding large physical warehouses into a streamlined and efficient digital inventory system. By providing a cutting-edge technology platform, we enable on-demand small volume production and network manufacturing while eliminating the need for physical inventories. Our focus is on collaborating with leading entities and key stakeholders within the Energy sector to take the leading position in digital inventory technology.

Revolutionizing Supply Chains

Company Vision

We envision a future where digital inventory platforms will be the norm, and physical inventories will be a thing of the past. Our Digital Inventory platform technology enables a network of end-customers and suppliers to communicate seamlessly through our technology. We provide end-users with the ability to subscribe and purchase data (digital spare parts), which are delivered immediately, thanks to our network of manufacturing entities that ensure "just-in-time" spare parts, on demand.

This results in reduced physical inventories, lead time improvements, reduced material waste and transport distances, and improved efficiency and security of the supply chain process. Our vision is to transform supply chains globally by providing a platform that is reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

Company Statement

We are committed to revolutionizing the supply chain industry by providing digital inventory technology that eliminates physical inventories, reduces waste, improves efficiency, and enhances security. By collaborating with leading entities and key stakeholders, we aim to take the leading position in digital inventory technology.

Our Digital Inventory platform technology enables end-users to purchase digital spare parts that are delivered immediately, reducing lead time and material waste. We are passionate about transforming the supply chain process globally and believe that our technology can play a significant role in achieving a more sustainable and efficient future.

Meet our team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do.

  • Christian Duun Norberg

    Founder & CEO

  • Sten Roger Sandvik


  • Olle Joelsson

    Vice President Business Development

  • Henry St Aubyn


  • Martin Andersson


  • Stevica Canadi

    Lead Frontend Developer

  • Stefan Jansson

    Commercial Developer

  • Alice Slaatten

    Commercial Manager

  • Artur Andersz

    Product Oriented Frontend Developer