bp Joins Fieldnode-led Industry Collaboration Project to Advance the Energy Digital Supply Chain and AM Capacity
bp Joins Fieldnode-led Industry Collaboration Project to Advance the Energy Digital Supply Chain and AM Capacity

bp has joined the Fieldnode-led project to develop a digital inventory standard for on-demand spare parts production. The collaborative project involves standardizing parts qualification processes and developing commercial models to reduce the need for the traditional physical inventory and strengthening the supply chain resilience.

The project has established a digital inventory standard that enables the production of spare parts on an on-demand basis. Traditional supply chain methods often involve maintaining extensive inventories, resulting in cost and space inefficiencies, waste, and a large to-user carbon footprint. This new approach allows for tailored and flexible production using digital inventory and additive manufacturing techniques, streamlining the supply chain.

"bp's participation in this industry-leading digital collaboration project represents a step forward in embracing the potential of additive manufacturing and digital solutions," said Martin Andersson, Project Manager at Fieldnode. "Together with our market-leading partners, we are developing a standard that addresses operational needs and the interests of OEMs while also promoting sustainability and efficiency in the energy sector."

Key achievements of the project over the past year include:

  • Pilot tests involving operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and manufacturers to assess commercial and software setups, refining the project's approach.
  • Combining the interests of operators and OEMs based on the innovative commercial models developed within the project, facilitating collaborative efforts across the ecosystem.
  • Agreement on optimizing existing industry standards for supplier qualification in a more scalable and efficient manner, a milestone with far-reaching implications.
  • Successful processing of live orders through the platform, demonstrating its readiness for industry adoption.

Chelsea Green, Life of Field Discipline Lead at bp emphasized the potential of additive manufacturing and digital inventory solutions. "By integrating digital supply chain principles with additive manufacturing capabilities, we aim to reduce waste, lower costs, and enhance agility in response to rapidly changing operational demands. This partnership aligns with bp's commitment to sustainability and technological advancement."

The joint efforts of the project partners, which now include Fieldnode, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Shell, TotalEnergies, Vår Energi, Woodside Energy, and bp are set to reshape the energy industry's supply chain landscape. Through the development of a digital inventory standard, supported by additive manufacturing, this collaboration aims to bring efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and innovation to the forefront of industry practices.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Martin Andersson, Project Manager at Fieldnode: martin.andersson@fieldnode.com

About BP

bp’s purpose is to reimagine energy for people and our planet. It has set out an ambition to be a net ‎zero company by 2050, or sooner, and help the world get to net zero, and recently announced its ‎strategy for delivering on that ambition. For more information visit bp.com.

About Fieldnode

Fieldnode is a forward-looking software provider dedicated to transforming industrial processes through digital solutions. The company specializes in reshaping supply chain dynamics to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and resilience across various industries.

About the Industry Collaboration Project

The Fieldnode-led industry collaboration project brings together industry leaders to establish a standard for on-demand spare parts production through additive manufacturing. By leveraging digital supply chain principles, this initiative aims to modernize inventory models and drive sustainability in the oil and gas sector.

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Publish date: January 8, 2024 at 8:00 AM