Woodside Energy joins collaboration aimed at standardising digital supply of spare parts
Woodside Energy joins collaboration aimed at standardising digital supply of spare parts

Woodside Energy joins collaboration aimed at standardising digital supply of spare parts

Woodside Energy is aligning with several leading energy companies to launch a digital inventory standard for on-demand spare parts production.

This initiative, in conjunction with ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Shell, TotalEnergies, Vår Energi, and software provider Fieldnode, is set to establish a network for supplying spare parts manufactured as and when needed.

The collaboration will help increase the efficiency of the digital ecosystem. This means reduced lead times, decreased total cost of ownership, minimised waste, and shorter shipping distances. Furthermore, the project will enhance the security and sustainability of the supply chain.

Areas of focus for this partnership include standardising qualification processes and developing a commercial model that supports mass customisation and a superior value proposition for all entities in the network.

To reach these ambitious goals, the partners will gradually invite their current suppliers, independent additive manufacturers, and other potential collaborators to the platform over the project period. This collective effort will enable comprehensive technical and commercial solutions testing and populate the digital inventory.

“We are one year into the project and achieved significant advancements in key areas, such as creating commercial models and standardising qualification standards. Welcoming Woodside Energy as the sixth operator in this joint effort offers an excellent chance to validate further and ensure our solutions meet the demands of the energy industry," says Martin Andersson, the project manager at Fieldnode.

The foundational technical solution is the Fieldnode platform. Co-developed with Equinor and TotalEnergies, it enables streamlined management of supply networks and facilitates shared supply chain resources among oil and gas operators.

Daniel Kalms, Chief Technology Officer at Woodside Energy, sees the opportunity for the sector.

“The potential for on-demand manufacturing is something Woodside Energy identified some time ago, and joining this collaboration signifies our commitment to maximising the benefits of additive manufacturing. On-demand manufacturing of spare parts has many advantages. It allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs, reducing the dependency on pre-made inventories, and enhances operational efficiency,” he said.

The ongoing collaboration will allow further development of industry standards, bolstering a reliable and eco-friendly supply of spare parts.

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Christine Forster, Global Media Manager, Woodside Energy



Martin Andersson, Project Manager at Fieldnode


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By Martin Andersson
Publish date: August 3, 2023 at 11:33 AM